AJAX, Much Hyped Technology in Recent Times

We were in a discussion with our client, who wanted us to implement AJAX in their project. We had a brainstorming session with our team members to find out what features can be implemented. Sadly enough we found most of the members are carried away by the term AJAX and talking too much about AJAX as a whole new technoloy. They are all ignorant about the fact that AJAX is a new NAME given to the decade old technology by Jesse James Garrett of Adaptivepath.

AJAX is nothing but acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It basically groups the following technologies :

The main part of this technology is XMLHttpRequest used for manipulating or to consume xml data from the webserver using HTTP protocal.This was developed by Microsoft and supported in IE and also adopted by Safari and mozilla webbrowsers. The XMLHttpRequest(W3C site) object is being standardized by W3C.

AJAX was popularized by Google.com in a big way. Check out thier applications like Google Maps, Google Suggestion etc.,