MOSS 2007 Customer Proof of Concepts Tricks, Tips and Links

(The links are not complete, will be updating soon)

We have been doing Lots of MOSS 2007 POC's for our clients and Most of the our client requirements fall in line with MOSS Search - Customer Proof of Concept Scoping and Typical Tasks. Check out the links for MOSS 2007 HOW TO's and Free webparts for your MOSS 2007 POC's and use this link as the starting point to understand features of MOSS 2007

Installing MOSS in a Single Server

Installing MOSS in a Server Farm and Setting up SSP, Web application and Site Collections

Configure Mysite, Blogs, Wiki, discussion board

Importing User Profiles into MOSS for index/searching

User Profile Replicator for MOSS 2007

Have BDC and People Search configured and working
BDC ASP.NET Webpart step by step
after full user profile import from Active directory(AD) some time search will not work,check whether you have added sps://yoursite:port (sitename with port) to crawl

Records Management using MOSS 2007 & Records Management Virtual Lab & MS Records management Team Blog Read from April 2006

Configure Enterprise search- TechNet Webcast: Installing and Configuring Search in SharePoint Server 2007

Building Site Collections and sites and assigning users to these

Setting up the Search site to return results

Configuring Search web parts and other search related areas

Setting up and creating BDC definitions for external content to be searched such as SAP or Siebel - For SAP R/3 you need VS.NET 2003(will not work in VS.Net 2005) and connector and SAP netweaver use SAP webservices

How to add custom tab page for Search

Build MOSS master pages, content types and page layouts

Create styles, import images and build the look and feel of MOSS

Setup Keywords for the content

Setup up Best Bets

Write other web parts as needed

Configure Single Sign on

Excel Services

Configure Form Services

Browser Enabled Infopath Forms

MOSS 2007 Form based Authentication & Forms Authentication post by Nick Swan

Cool Free Web Parts / Utilities

  1. Tabbed Web Part
  2. Active Directory Change Password Webpart or from here (use google to translate from german to English)
  3. Smart Part now with "AJAX Connections"
  4. Sharepoint Migration Utility
  5. SharePoint Import Export tools and other utilities
  6. Bluedog limited RSS Syndication Generator
  7. 40 Fabulous Templates from microsoft
  8. Whats New webpart
  9. MOSS BDC Meta Manger
  10. Image upload webpart
  11. Sharepoint.Ajax Tool Kit