Passsed 70-528 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Web-Based Client Development Exam

My fancy with Certification started in early 1998(I started my carrier in IT early 90's, was a student in Brilliants computer Centre now FirstComputer at chennai,India and later joined them as a trainer in Clipper, C, C++), when couple of my friends got their MCSD certification and suggested me to take it. I was hesitant to pursue any certification at that time but someday I wanted to give it a try. When my friend who was working in US, came to visit Chennai informed me that certified professional were preferred in US, that is what really fancied me ;-). Then I started preparing and planning for the exams every month but invariably that has became a distant dream.

After Ten years, this time my company pursued me to take PMP certification, so I attended the preparation course for PMP. For three months I slogged like any thing for preparing for the exam but this time I was moved to MOSS 2007(SharePoint) Projects. Due to this I was travelling a lot for the implementation of MOSS 2007 for various clients in India. So my PMP certification still remains as a dream.

Finally late 2006, I decided to take the exam but again years of experience I added to my profile was a spoil sport, really I don’t know whether the certification will help in long run but I determined to became certified professional. In June 1,2006, I took my MCP Exam Exam 70–229: Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition and passed it. This really helped me to analyze my strengths and weakness in SQLServer(I strongly believe Only technical interviews, Exams like this will help IT professional to analyze their strength and weakness). Latter started preparing for other exams due to my busy schedule the initiative took back seat (felt like ending this statement with word dream but could not help it ;-)

This year again I am contemplating to be a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) before end of september, so I took my Exam 70–528: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Web-Based Client Development, on September 8th 2007 and passed the exam. Although my real time experience helped me a lot to take the exam but still my 10 days effort on preparation was the other reason. The exam is quite easy to pass, so if you are interested in this exam simply go ahead and take it.

To prepare for the exam you can start here

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