Sharepoint Forum - Q & A : Upload Document to Intranet site from a remote location in sharepoint

Q) I have a requirement to upload a document from the internet to intranet site.
how it is possible, how can i implement the uploading of any documents form the any where in the world.
A) If your intranet site is Hosted with AAM - Alternate Access Mapping (, you can allow the user to upload the document to the internet site, which inturn will be your intranet site.Eventually your intranet site is the one which will be hosted in Internet also, so if your users upload any file to specific file in the internet actually the user is uploading to your intranet site. And even you can decide access restriction and about what content should be visible in the internet, this need bit of planning, also remember you need Internet connector license if you need to host your site in internet(check this forum scenario would be creating Alternate access Mapping to your intranet site to internet site. Say http://yourmachine:33333/ (intranet) will be like, create like this using AAM, this should solve your problem. or you can use SSL VPN for connecting to your intranet through internet, this way its secure and you can also control who can access your intranet and upload files